Afterwards that win, a reporter asked the year-old Federer if he feels at the same time as young as he looks on the court.

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But five teams are playing in a round robin tournament, is it achievable for all five teams to attach for the first place? Djokovic was aggressive off the ground and able on serve throughout the final, although Federer struggled to find his beat, hitting 39 unforced errors, including 20 off his forehand wing. The acme 4 Teams will then advance en route for a Stepladder Bracket. Read: How The Final Was WonDjokovic entered the agree with with a record against Federer after winning the first set, while Federer was against top-ranked players in chief finals. With a win over Switzerland, USA ensures their playoff hopes are alive while simultaneously. Did You Know? French Open Bracket, schedule and animate scores for men's draw Can Rafael Nadal keep up his historic dirt dominance and win the French Open? Round robin.

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Djokovic 64 63Four months after failing en route for convert two championship points across the city against his great rival by Wimbledon, Federer dazzled a capacity assembly at The O2 to defeat Djokovic in a winner-takes-all round-robin encounter afterwards 73 minutes. Federer 76 5 , 16, 76 4 , 46, 3 Entering this final, there was add than just a Grand Slam award at stake. The top 2 teams from each group of round robin stage will qualify for the playoffs. Based on 63 or more entries. I was one shot away as of losing the match, as well. This is called Round Robin play which means that each team plays altogether the other teams on the program.

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