Our rules stated that the entrants had to share the contest on Facebook to be eligible to win.

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Idea 1: share a link in your Instagram bio

Ask them the best address for you to send them their prize. How do we know who shared it? But first, quick question: On your contest page, did you make it clear that by signing up designed for your contest, your participant will additionally be subscribed to your email catalogue automatically? Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Use the data from your last contest to help you build an even better contest this age around. Which emails during your battle had the highest open rates? Decide a winner from comments left arrange your post This method may be about as simple as it be able to get.

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Who and what referred the most ancestor to your contest? Additional Resources. Auspiciously, KickoffLabs has built-in analytics to advantage you see the key metrics designed for your contest, including demographic data a propos age, location, and social media profiles. Make sure that the language you choose is happy, energetic, and appreciative to everyone who participated. Use the provided data to find out can you repeat that? had the biggest impact on your contest.

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