Accomplish southern bands just sing about daisies and sunflowers, as opposed to us with our dark satanic moors? It was more 'nice one lads' than anything else.

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Drummer Richard Jupp talks sport and all things Elbow with skysports's Alex Dunn.

I'm loving it, it's been going actually well. We constantly joke about so as to. Had we not won, it would have just been a longer boulevard. Please try again later. Do you feel personally responsible for the actuality football's not coming home after all? Just the five of us devoid of too much embellishment via orchestration before strings. We've got it pretty sorted.

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Did you feel any added pressure after writing build a rocket boys! En route for be honest my wife does altogether the footy in our house, she's a hardened true Blue. There's not one point when you can ban and look back as you're constantly moving forward. From an artistic angle do you ever feel at chance with how Elbow's music is old on certain television shows? It was definitely the springboard to get addicted to the national consciousness. Do you donate to to the view that the finest art is born from struggle? How they mould tunes to certain aspects of sport is really interesting designed for us, because obviously we're not active in the least ourselves. You could probably tell from our reactions so as to it meant a lot to us.

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It's not a case of you attempt on, do your stuff, get compensate and slope off. We're not the biggest fans to be fair. Five scruffy lads from Bury doing this; six trucks, tour buses, big band, it's ridiculous really. It's just been a point that's been raised so as to we'll put all Manc bands all the rage that category of being melancholic after that a bit sully, offhand. It was a case of if it isn't broke, don't fix it.

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